The “Cleanest Denim Manufacturer in the World” now in the USA

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Recognized as the “Cleanest Denim Factory in the World”, we have expanded our vision and capabilities globally, to produce locally in the USA. L.A. was once an international hub of denim and we are proud to bring it back in a new and exciting way.

Creating Job Opportunities

Against the flow of most of the current industry, we are proud to create job opportunities in the US. We believe in the need to be more intersectional when it comes to diversity and consider more than just gender when recruiting. With Saitex USA, we hope to inspire other manufacturers to follow suit in seeing the potential of such a model.


Have a look inside the most innovative and sustainable denim manufacturer on earth

Cutting 01
Semi-automatic Sewing 02
3D Laser Detailing 03
3D Mactec 04
Ozone 05
Robotic Spraying 06
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Using real-time data and quality control, lead times are reduced, giving flexibility in production. During the cutting process, any and all fumes are carefully extracted as part of SAITEX’s commitment to protecting the environment.

Semi-automatic Sewing

Semi-automatic sewing allows for a much quicker process than traditional sewing, while maintaining low energy consumption and the ease of quickly switching shapes and styles. This gives each pair of jeans the final touch and branding before being sent to customers.

3D Laser Detailing

Traditionally the distressed look on jeans is created with sandpaper and harmful chemicals and can take between 20-30 minutes for each pair of jeans. We use 3D laser detailing, creating the perfect look each time in just 90 seconds.

3D Mactec

3D pre-curing and curing oven helps create bunching and whisker patterns on jeans. Drying from the inside of the jeans reduces time and energy consumption, with dry time of just 5-10 mins with average production of 400 jeans/hr.


After the laser detailing, jeans move on to the wash process. Ozone acts as a mild bleaching and sterilizing agent, cleaning the jeans and giving them the desired color. In this process regular air is turned into ozone gas.

Robotic Spraying

Robotic arms controlled by a proprietary software carefully and automatically sprays each pair of jeans without any mistakes. The process is cleaner than traditional denim spraying because the factory doesn’t use any permanganate.

Reverse osmosis filtration

The reverse osmosis filtration system means the SAITEX USA factory is able to recycle 98% of the water it uses, saving over 38 million liters of water a year.

Interested in producing sustainable garments in the USA?