One Of A Kind Production Line To create a world with no barriers and give people from disadvantaged backgrounds an equal and open opportunity.
The Rekut production line is a platform for the differently abled to receive training and support for a sustainable job and stable income.
41 PWD Associates
2 Dedicated Trainers
1 Fully renovated accessible area

Providing Opportunities

To achieve an inclusive workplace, and provide sustainable job opportunities to the differently abled.

Reduced Inequalities

In urban areas of Vietnam, people with disabilities are 3 times as likely to be unemployed. Following our commitment to the SDGs, the Rekut provide jobs with respect, equal pay and dignity.

Inclusive Workplace

We consulted with experts, non-profit organizations and specialists in Ho Chi Minh city to build our training programs and adjust our machines. Investments were made into constructing a fully accessible area with all amenities needed, along with transportations to our facilities.

Recruitment & Training

Each of the 41 associates have been recruited in orphanages and centers taking care of people with disabilities within close proximity of SAITEX. 2 SAITEX employees are dedicated to training and guiding them.

Upcycling Waste

The Rekut production line is upcycling waste & stock garments, giving a new life to the products and simultaneously tackling textile waste. 

Our Ambition

Our goal before 2030: the opening of a vocational school and social center that is a platform for people from disadvantaged backgrounds to obtain essential life skills, have the proper resources, and provide professional trainings so they can access more job opportunities.