Innovation Matters

We believe in harnessing the power of today’s innovations, to build the world of tomorrow

We see Industry 4.0 as a real opportunity for our business to redefine the relationship of the present economy with resources.

6 millions

Garments a year

4 VN - 1 US

4 VN Facilities in Dong Nai
1 US facility in Los Angeles in development


Pieces/day - to be increased

Innovation Matters

Embracing Industry 4.0

Working in direct cooperation with our associates, robots are the perfect physical and cognitive partners.

Innovation Matters

Pushing boundaries through technoloGY

The combination of cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Everything, makes Industry 4.0 possible and the concept of a smart factory at SAITEX a reality.

45 days

Go to market


Increase in shipments

Innovation Matters

Big data as the lifeblood of the smart factory

Big data helps us to control and improve every aspect of our operations. This allows us to not only to boost our productivity, enhance our processes, and drive growth, but to also put our partners at the center of this transformation. In short, more power and knowledge for more good.

Innovation Matters

Meaningful innovations

Utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques such as laser to etch off a fine layer of fiber and color from jeans, we have transformed a 20-30 minute manual process down to 90 seconds, to get the same result. Allowing us to produce superior products in a hybrid/collaborative method with our associates, and in less time for our clients.


Automatic Laser stations


For an entire pair of jeans