saitex farms

Access to affordable and clean food is a basic human right.

In our continuous mission to create a positive social impact, in partnership with Everlane, we have installed our very own hydroponic and clean farming system at our facilities.

6 tons

Of Clean Vegetables Per Year

24,000 sqm

Of The New SAITEX Facilities Dedicated
To Agriculture Using The Same Model

5,300 people

With Access To Cleaner And Healthier Vegetables

Saitex farms

Food For Good

The result is healthy food for our associates, while creating jobs that generate social interaction, employment with equal pay, and respect to some of the most vulnerable groups of our community.

saitex farms


Saitex Employees:
Access to healthier, more fresh, and cheaper vegetables.
Orphanages and pregnant associates
When harvests are generous, we donate our surplus products.
Employ people from disadvantaged backgrounds and reduce the carbon footprint of vegetables produced.

saitex farms

Our Ambition

By doing so, we wish to prove and inspire a whole industry that such model of inclusive farming with job opportunities and equal pay is possible. This represents the future of our economy.